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Podcast 1: Having a Cuppa with Robert Bone and Tony James

I first met Tony a couple of years ago when I showed him magic tricks when he was performing as his alter ego, Blobbie Williams, at a charity event in Hampshire.

Tony not only does his Robbie Williams parody show, but also is part of a Blue Brothers show. He’s also been on TV on various things. Basically, we have a pretty random chat over a cuppa that goes all over the place.

Some of the topics we cover are:
Appearing on Channel 4’s Lookalikes – as two different lookalikes,
Doing practical jokes on Joanna Lumley,
Annoying long, thin counties,
The possibility of having a great anecdote if we’d gigged at the same venue,
What tea are we drinking, and what tea the Queen drinks,
Tea drinking dogs (and does if really make their coat shiny?)
Hog roasts. Lots of hog roasts.

Ironically we even go off topic by talking about how at gigs we go off topic.

Tony is all over the internet, but the main ways to find out more about him:

Blobbie Williams Website

Tony James Show Daily Vlog

Tony James Comedy on Twitter

Blobbie Williams on Twitter

Blobbie Williams on Twitter

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