Christmas Party Magician

Professional Christmas Party Magician

Christmas is a fantastic time, with lots of parties and hospitality events. This is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to your staff for the hard work they’ve been putting in for the last year, and to thank your clients for the business they have put your way.

Christmas Magician

Make it more than an office night out

However, it is easy for the office party to become a little stale. This can be because people are forced to socialise with workmates out of the usual office context, or if your staff go out regularly it could become just another office outing (just with turkey and crackers!)

Performing close-up magic is a great way to help enliven the party and create talking points. This may be at the start of the evening when Robert can mix around the groups performing close-up magic at a drinks reception.

Another option is to have the magic performed around the tables. This can sometimes be an awkward point in the evening as your guests may have run out of conversation (or worse still: be talking shop!) but until the disco kicks and they can mingle with other guests.

Ufton Court Magician

Robert can also perform a stand-up magic and mind reading cabaret show that has been specifically produced for corporate audiences. This can be booked separately or as part of a package with close-up magic.

New Year’s Eve Parties

Robert be booked to entertain at your New Year’s Eve celebrations. After all the festivities through-out December you really need to add something to your party, otherwise it can be another year of drinking and “Auld Lang Syne”!

quote for christmas party magicianAs a professional magician December is a very busy month and Robert often takes bookings for some dates over a year in advance.

Please do contact Robert whatever time of year it is to add some magic to your Christmas party.